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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

MEDFORD, NJ.Remedy Group, LLC, a full-service commercial pharmaceutical and healthcare outsourcing partner, announced today the appointment of Karla Guffey to Clinical Education Manager.  


KARLA GUFFEY:  “As we continue to diversify into specialty services, we recognize successful commercialization plans address access to both HCPs and patients,” said Adam Cummins, president of Remedy Group. “The foundation of Remedy Group is to provide clients with a cost-effective, multi-channel approach (face to face and virtual) to launch their products. Clinical education has always been a solution we have offered.  However, given the access challenges of this past year, we have seen substantial growth in field and virtual clinical resources. As a result, I thought it was imperative to bring in a highly-skilled and successful leader to oversee this vertical.  Karla Guffey brings with her 17 years of knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of clinical education training programs and has proven her commitment to educating others with excellence.  Her stellar training performance extends into the sales arena (Top 10% Pinnacle Winner in 2020), which quickly reveals her ability to develop and sustain growth.”  


Karla will report directly to the Director of Commercial Operations, Sherie Harvey, and have oversight of Remedy’s nationwide, full-time and contracted Clinical Education Trainers. We have no doubt that Karla will approach this new challenge with a mindset like that of Winston Churchill who said, “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”  Armed with that spirit and her talent, we are excited for what lies ahead with Karla on Remedy Group’s team.   

Monday, February 25, 2021

MEDFORD, NJ.Remedy Group, LLC, a full-service commercial pharmaceutical and healthcare outsourcing partner, announced today the appointments of Sherie Harvey as Director of Commercial Operations and Laurel Haskell as Commercial Operations and Analytics Manager.  


SHERIE HARVEY: “As the company continues to build and expand our service offerings, I have no doubt that Sherie is the right person to lead Remedy’s commercial strategy and execution for our growing client base,” said Adam Cummins, president of Remedy Group. “The value we bring to our clients is in the successful implementation of innovative, cost-effective approaches to their commercial launch process. Over the course of her time with Remedy, Sherie has played a key role in kicking off dozens of pharmaceutical and medical device products including 7 new product launches. Simply put, there is no one better suited than Sherie for leading our sales, marketing and clinical education teams.” 


Sherie has been with Remedy for over 10 years, with her most recent position being Director of Inside Sales. In that role, Sherie successfully led all commercial and federal market virtual engagements.  Prior to serving as Director of Inside Sales, Sherie acted as Team Lead and Inside Sales Representative for Novartis, a client of Remedy.  She has proven herself to be an essential member of Remedy’s executive team.  We look forward to Sherie continuing this pivotal role as the company grows and expands its market presence. 


LAUREL HASKELL: “As we evaluated the growth of our current and newer segments of business, we identified the need for bolstering our commercial operations and analytics. Laurel has been with us for almost 4 years and has always distinguished herself by her professionally-detailed approach to launch initiatives and passion for data analytics,” said Adam Cummins, president of Remedy Group.   


In her role as Commercial Operations and Analytics Manager, Laurel will be responsible for overseeing all commercial start-up activities and ongoing reporting of analytics. Additionally, she will provide operational support to the clinical education teams at Remedy Group.  Prior to taking her new position, Laurel served as Virtual Account Manager for Remedy clients in the travel vaccine space.     

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